Ikedo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Always reach the best quality.

Manufacturing of automobile parts

Ikedo began its current business focus on the manufacture and processing of automobile parts in 1977. In the following 40 years, we have continued to serve as a partner of the Toyota Group’s Toyoda Gosei, manufacturing automobile parts.
Relying on the creativity of our employees as our foundation, we deliver top-quality products worthy of Japanese automobiles.

Ikedo’s strengths

  • Precise sewing and assembly technology
  • A first-rate quality control system
  • An integrated system, from manufacturing to assembly
  • High level traceability
  • Independently developed manufacturing equipment
  • Total support from prototyping to mass production

Exterior parts

Front spoilers, body side moldings, etc.

Well-designed common parts that attach to both side doors of the car, etc. These extrusion molded products require a high level of technical skill to ensure they are produced with a consistent cross-sectional shape.

Interior parts

Center consoles, meter hoods, assist grips, etc.

We handle every aspect of the manufacture of high quality upholstered / leather covered products, from sewing to assembly. In accordance with our motto of “Your quality standards are our quality standards,” we aim to deliver satisfying, impressive, highly functional products. Our collection of advanced sewing and assembling technology is key.

Fuel system parts

Oil tanks, check valves, fuel caps, and other safety-related parts.

These fuel-related items require authorization to deal in important safety-related parts. In accordance with safety-related product guidelines, we place great importance on having a highly traceable process, from receipt of materials to processing and delivery, resulting in a complete itemized account of each stage of the process.