Ikedo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Aiming to innovate for the future.


Ikedo combines its technological proficiency and inventiveness to produce a variety of archetypal products.
These prototypes could be visible or non-visible objects. In addition to automobile-related products, we produce a wide variety of other items, from interior design products to stationery and even abstract items like fragrances.

By collaborating with outside designers and other companies, we are expanding what we are capable of. At the 2007 Maison et Objet Paris interior design trade fair, we worked with designer acquaintances of ours to produce a home accessories exhibit with the theme of art and nature, which received high praise.

This is an era of working together with others to carry out manufacturing. Working with a variety of people, we will continue to create yet more B-to-C products.

Marking tape

This product came out of our need for a better marking tape.

Marking tape is an item you are guaranteed to find at any manufacturing plant. We used it frequently, but found three key issues:
1) It often peels, cracks, or stains.
2) The longer the use is, the harder it is to peel off.
3) It leaves behind sticky residue that is hard to clean.
We consulted with our experts around the plant and began producing a new kind of tape to resolve these. The result is new added-value in the form of a tape that offers both durability and ease of use.