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Contributions to the aviation industry.

Aircraft manufacturing

As of 2018, the Japanese aviation industry has entered a period of great change.
Until now, owing to the struggles of domestically produced civilian passenger aircraft like the YS-11, the Japanese aviation industry has continued to focus on defense aircraft. However, by taking advantage of the rising demand for aircraft in emerging nations, with a focus on Boeing, we have supplied over 2 million aircraft parts, and have begun to manufacture airframes. In 2015, the first Japanese-developed airliner since the YS-11, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) began development, and a native market is beginning to take shape, focused in the Tokai region.

In future, as the aviation market expands, the training and acquisition of engineers is likely to become a significant problem for Japan.
At Ikedo, we intend to make our contribution towards taking on this challenge to the developing Japanese aviation industry by utilizing our accumulated technical expertise and creativity to the maximum extent possible.

Contributions to the aviation industry by IKEDO

High production technology
from the automobile industry

The aircraft industry is similar in many ways to the automobile industry, a well known field for IKEDO. Our engagement for improving security and quality is the same and we utilize production technology and creative ingenuity cultivated in the automobile industry in the aircraft industry.

Quality assurance / Know-how

Products used for the aircraft industry require a higher accuracy than automobile products. With the “quality assurance system”, we ensure the quality of the products. Based on the two types of regulations we guarantee high quality manufacturing.

Expert and trained engeneers

IKEDO has set up a learning space called “Educational Dojo” to bring the know how in manufacturing industry, company values, rules, etc.. While cherishing the teaching of senior engineers, we will continue to train and support superior engineers.