Ikedo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

is uniquely poised
to offer.

Ever since our establishment, we have continued to strive for a level of product quality that distinguishes Ikedo from the rest. Our goal is to make each day’s products even better than the day before.

Craftmanship that makes the impossible possible

Ikedo is the only company in the world that upholsters products using the leather used in luxury car upholstery, particularly for consoles, etc. This technology was perfected by our company’s team in the difficult period following the 2008 financial crisis. These Ikedo products are used as parts in a variety of Japanese luxury cars, including Toyota’s Lexus.

A brand new manufacturing system, thanks to our factory completed in 2017

With the completion of our new company building in 2017, we consolidated the five factories scattered around our old head office building into a one, establishing a more efficient manufacturing system. Our spacious, clean building has been praised by our employees as easy to work in. Further, it has also led to cost reduction due to preventing losses from transporting materials between factories, and reduced CO2 emissions.

Ensuring optimum development by developing our own manufacturing equipment

If there’s a blueprint, Ikedo Manufacturing can make it. Beginning with our customer’s blueprint, our highly exclusive technology division handles everything from installation of equipment on the shop floor to design of the overall production system. By continually upgrading our production line design, equipment and jigs, we continue to strive to offer the best manufacturing currently possible.

From prototype to finished product

Ikedo, offering an unrivalled, one-stop service, also specializes in producing prototype models of the finished product. Making maximum use of our accumulated development technology and knowhow, we produce a prototype to meet the customer’s various needs. We employ specialist engineers with wide-ranging knowledge.

Anticipating the future with automation

For us, manufacturing with an eye on the future means creating systems that don’t rely on humans. We therefore aim to continue to further separate the work of humans and machines, leading to more and more precise and speedy manufacturing.

Management and QA to ensure the best manufacturing

A cornerstone of the Ikedo manufacturing process is our QA system that promises an unrivalled level of a product quality. We have been certified by the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system standard since 2003, and by the KES Step 2 environmental management system standard since 2005.

Certified as an Aichi Brand company for top quality manufacturing

In March of 2016, Ikedo passed a rigorous inspection process to become certified as an Aichi Brand company. Aichi Brand companies are manufacturers within Aichi prefecture, manufacturing capital of Japan, that demonstrate high levels of competency in the manufacturing industry.

Achieving an unrivalled tier
of craftsmanship