Ikedo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.


Company nameIkedo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Date foundedApril 1, 1969
Date establishedOctober 5, 1972
RepresentativeKenji Ikedo
Capital10 million yen
Major clientTOYODA GOSEI Co., Ltd.
Aero Inc.
Number of employees480 employees

Business scope

  • Manufacture, sale, machining, and import/export of automotive parts
  • Manufacture, sale, and import/export of household appliances
  • Contract assembly and machining of automotive parts
  • Staffing placement (License no. 23-303019)
  • Planning, proposal, and creation of products for sales promotions for companies/establishments
  • Sale and import/export of used vehicles and automotive parts
  • Manufacture, sale, and import/export of furniture, interior decor goods, mobiles, and light fixtures
  • Sale and import/export of everyday goods
  • Design, manufacture, sale, and import/export of machine tools
  • Mail-order sales via Internet
  • Sale of fire/disaster prevention