Ikedo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

IKEDO’s vision of the future.

Interview with the president

Ikedo Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
President & CEO

If there’s a blueprint,
Ikedo Manufacturing can make it.

Why IKEDO is a different company ?

IKEDO is unique in being able to bring into form anything that a client imagines. A select team of engineers use clients’ blueprints to comprehensively design and achieve the practical application of equipment and systems. We are also proud of our project management abilities and comprehensive teamwork. Many companies talk about offering vertical or integrated approaches to all manufacturing in one place. We are unique in going beyond and offering integrated client support by being the producers of your project.

The “DO” in IKEDO’s name implies continuously thinking creatively and providing new solutions. Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation, once said that passion drives infinite energy. We have adopted this as our motto and continue ardently pursuing our craft.

An efficient craftsmanship in a comfortable production site.

What do IKEDO employees find attractive about the company?

One area is the new office we built in July 2017, which offers a clean and enjoyable place in which to go about their work. The new office was designed entirely by us around the idea of crafting a space for creative work. In particular, we paid attention to designing a beautiful cafeteria, break rooms, and restrooms. Wanting to give our personnel the room to unwind during the busy workday, we ensured that spaces are well-lit and offer a feeling of warmth.
We also wanted to incorporate a range of unique materials that personnel could engage with during the day. To that end, we employed natural woods in the interior. The cafeteria features wooden furniture sourced from a Japanese manufacturer.

Following this revamp, we also shifted our company logo from one written in Japanese to one in English. This suggests our commitment to borderless craftsmanship and our desire to welcome diverse guests from the world over.
Highlighting the “DO” in the logo in red suggests our passion and enthusiasm. “DO” is expressed as an infinity symbol, implying our constant drive towards the future.

Our head plant, completed in 2017
Leatherette wrapping

Working together as a team to create new archetypes for the future.

Tell me about the Archetype project launched in 2007.

Archetype implies an original pattern or model on which things are based. We pay close attention to the zeitgeist while creating new models from scratch for what the future might look like. Archetype is a project in which IKEDO is devoting itself to creating new value.

For the 2007 Maison & Objet, a trade fair held in Paris and devoted to design and interior decor, we worked with designers to exhibit some unique home goods built around the themes of art and nature. Going forward, we plan to leverage the expertise we gained through that project to develop a line of fragrances and other products that speak to our brand image. Naturally, we are not only engaged in fragrances, but products of all types that we hope will become the standard-bearers of quality. We want to work with people of all types and bring our strengths together to create even better B to C products.

The archetype logo

We are looking for people who are attentive to things around them and know how to propose new ideas with initiative.

Is there something you want to convey to your team?

I endeavor to have my actions and behavior convey to my team exactly what I want. For example, I have a car from thirty-eight years ago that I maintain and use. Showing this to the team lets them know that even things that are old can continue to be put into active use if cared for well.

The same applies to our company offices. Our company offices were rebuilt in 2017. Due to the nature of our work, lint and dust on clothes tend to collect on the ground. Whenever I find these, I personally clean them up. When personnel see me doing this, they get the idea that dirt should be immediately cleaned up.

Improving this ability to recognize things around oneself can lead to improvements in work. For example, it is often the case that a process we design and think is fully functional may not work exactly as intended on-site, and have more room for improvement. Being able to notice this and think about how to make it better or more efficient leads to better work sites and, by extension, better products. I hope our team will stay humble and develop the ability to proactively suggest new ideas.